The Adventurous World of Naomi Noodles

Showing the world that with courageous and compassionate understanding, anything is possible, even with kids who have learning disabilities!

  • This book will show how your child is NOT Lazy, despite appearances
  • The fun and engaging characters get frustrated just like your child, and the storyline shows exactly how you AND your child can move through this frustration
  • Eliminate Your Feelings of Helplessness and Have Renewed Faith in your Child, NOT Disappointment

And your child will come to understand that there is a world of possibility out there, and any negative stigma they’ve encountered can be overcome, and ultimately, allow them to become the person they were meant to be!

Eliminate Your Frustration!

Learn exactly why there is NOTHING wrong with your child. This heart-warming story walks you through the trials of Naomi Noodles, a child just like yours, who comes out on top!

Avoid Bullying

Is your child picked on at school because of their potential learning disability? Are they bullied and demeaned? The story of Naomi Noodles speaks exactly to this and how Naomi handles it successfully.

Gain Understanding

As you read The Adventures of Naomi Noodles with your child you will come to understand your child MUCH better than you ever thought possible and do so with caring and compassion, not frustration.